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Atelier Q&A with Amanda

Which Atelier goddess would be your best friend?
I think I’d love to be friends with Athena… the sentiments that her goddess qualities are built on, such as wisdom and skill, really relate to the strong, empowered women that we so often dress and whom I love to meet in that process.

Which is the goddess you would most like to go for a cocktail with?
Definitely Gaia… She’s mother earth; I need to hear what she has to say.

Which dress would you choose for Angelina Jolie?
Angelina is one woman who really can pull off anything. I think she’d instinctively go for Hera, which is so her signature style, but I’d love to see her be bold and take on Nefertiti.

Which goddess were you in a past life?
I think I might have been Artemis… she was the goddess of the hunt, wild animals and nature… I adore being outside, whether it’s in the country or on the ocean, and I am so inspired by the beauty and characteristics of so many animals.

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For what occasion would Cleopatra have worn her dress?
I imagine that she was innately glamorous all the time… one of those women that just can’t help it… I rather like the idea that she would have worn that dress to breakfast.

Which is the dress that speaks most of Clean Glam?
Certainly the Hera dress… the stunning all over beading is incredibly special, while the simple lines and the sleeves somehow make it feel subtle at the same time.

How would you style the Ariana dress for a second wear?
I love that tough versus glam look… I’d throw on a leather biker jacket and a pair of chunky black boots and wear it to dinner on a Friday night.

Which dress would you choose for Pippa Middleton?
I think Pippa would look stunning in the Freya dress… The pared-back glamour is really her style, and the straight silhouette would show off her gorgeous figure!

On the arm of which man would you find the Venus dress?
George Clooney, of course. Venus has real impact… poised and powerful yet incredibly womanly at the same time… just the kind of woman George likes.

Where does the Aurora dress go dancing?
I think Aurora would start with dinner at 5 Hertford, and then move through to Lou Lou’s where she could dance until the early hours … As the goddess of sunrise I’ve no doubt she’d stay up to see in the dawn…

Which goddess would make the best Bond Girl?
Surely Aphrodite would have been a Bond Girl. After all, she is the goddess of love and beauty, which we know is 007’s vice. And needless to say, the dress she is the namesake for would play the role perfectly, too.