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An Amanda Wakeley Bride…

As I was not planning a church wedding, I was initially keen to avoid the classic bridal look and instead opt for a beautiful evening gown. My search took me to all the big London department stores – Harrods, Harvey Nichols, Selfridges – but even though I tried on some incredible Ready-To-Wear dresses, none of them seemed special enough for the Big Day. I visited Browns Bride, where I first tried on a ‘proper’ wedding dress, and from then on knew that there was no way I wanted to miss out on wearing the kind of traditional dress that would bring a tear to my father’s eye.


Throughout my engagement, I had been wowed by Amanda Wakeley dresses from her Sposa bridal range that I had seen in bridal magazines. I thought that Amanda Wakeley may provide the fashionability I was searching for in my perfect dress. The bridal team at Amanda Wakeley encouraged me to try on as many dresses as I liked and I never felt pressured to make a decision. I loved the silk jersey draping and embellishment of several of the dresses, but was finally seduced by a stunning backless lace dress. I returned to Amanda Wakeley for a second time bringing my parents and Maid of Honour, who all agreed the dress was stunning.


My dress perfectly combined vintage movie star elegance and contemporary, young glamour. It was the combination of the two styles that made me fall in love with the dress. As soon as I tried it, I could picture walking down the aisle and swirling around the dancefloor. I could imagine the photography, especially how the sparkly straps and backless design would add interest from all angles. Finding this dress made all my initial thoughts on the wedding concept come together, and it was consequently easier to plan the rest of the day around it. I also loved how the dress was unstructured in the body. So many designers feature that tortured corseted waist that totally inhibits movement. The simple slim fit of my dress meant I could eat and dance without feeling constricted, making my wedding all the more fun! I took details such as the lace and crystals and let them echo through our invitations, orders of service, menus and confetti cones. I knew it was the right dress as everything seemed to fit around it so effortlessly.


My husband saw my dress for the first time as I walked down the aisle towards him. I was bursting to tell him all about it in the months leading up to the wedding, but was glad it was all a surprise. After the wedding, he told me my dress was more beautiful than he could have possibly imagined. He was relieved not to see me in a meringue, as he wanted to be able to be close to me. He also loved the intricate detail and sparkle and noted how well the dress fitted. I know he could tell that I felt amazing in the dress, and that made him love it even more.   My wedding was without doubt the most joyous, spectacular and fun day of my life.  It was full of lovely surprises and moments I will look back on and treasure forever. The standout moments are not those I may have previously expected – I forgot to throw my bouquet and we only remembered to cut the cake at 11pm. I loved watching the chaotic dancefloor from the top table and seeing all my friends and family joining in. I loved scoffing canapés alone with my husband in a back room when we both realised how hungry we were. I loved the moment when my parents walked in my dressing room ten minutes prior to the service, and seeing me in my dress instantly and simultaneously burst into tears.


My dress now hangs in its case down the side of my wardrobe.  I know it met a bit of a messy end on the dancefloor and fear its lace may be torn and its formally perfect white train may be slightly grey! Still, I know when I finally build the courage to unzip the case the memories will flood back. If it is trashed, I’m glad of it. It would be the perfect testament to the fun we had, spilled drinks and all. I’m sure in time my dress will be lovingly cleaned, repaired and packed, perhaps for a granddaughter to enjoy one day. I will never sell it, as it is a little piece of my history and one of the very special reminders of my perfect wedding day to my perfect husband.

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