Tuesday, May 22, 12

SS’12 On Location: Behind The Scenes

There couldn’t have been a more idyllic setting for the SS’12 Campaign shoot than the stunning Zulu land in South Africa. As well as the beautiful scenery giving an utterly dynamic atmosphere to each shot, the surrounding wildlife couldn’t seem to help but get involved on the day too. With zebras stampeding into shot, nosey giraffes over-looking the proceedings and a slightly disgruntled hippo adding his own vocal addition to the shoot, the day turned out to deliver some unexpected surprises.

The contrasting backdrops of rolling waves on the beach against the lush greenery of the wilds made it simple to showcase the light, fluid nature of the collection, as well as providing great camouflage for Amanda to take the opportunity to snap a herd of unsuspecting zebra!

Our Sueded Jersey Long Drape Dress looked breath-takingly dramatic on the seamless shore, while this monochrome Silk Fluid outfit was fittingly complimented by the zebras playing amongst the wilderness.

As the day drew to a close and the thrilling, buzzing atmosphere took a back seat, a chance was finally had to truly enjoy the spectacular surroundings.