On The Bed

On The Bed, In The Bag...

Discover what our girl is toting when she runs around the city... from Lou Lou's to the London Tube... from a stay at Browns Hotel to a playdate at Rosie's house... 


Bodie clutch by Amanda Wakeley, AW’13

Mints by Peppersmith
Compact, vintage Tiffany & Co.
Touche Éclat by YSL
iPhone by Apple

Ella tote bag by Amanda Wakeley

Poppy purse by Amanda Wakeley

Mini sneaker by Converse
Magazine by Vogue
Barbie by Mattel
Hairbrush by Denman
Baby wipes by Pampers

Lily tote by Amanda Wakeley, AW’13

Sunglasses by Ray-Ban
Note book by Smythson
Technology by Apple & Blackberry
Water by Fiji
News by Financial Times

Evie shoulder bag by Amanda Wakeley, AW'13

Address book by Smythson
Perfume by Hermès
Compact by MAC
Lipstick by Chanel
Watch by Vedura
Lipstick by Chanel
Credit cards by Amex

Lola Clutch by Amanda Wakeley, AW’13

Watch, vintage
Lipstick by Chanel
Lighter, picked up at the newsagent
iPhone by Apple
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