Gemini Zodiac Scarf

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A zodiac scarf is a fabulous accessory to any outfit. Feather light and luxurious to the touch they are a must have item in any wardrobe. They also make the perfect unisex gift for friends and loved ones. This is a particularly fun scarf with colour contrasts and bold prints.

This Gemini scarf contains a painterly image of the Gemini twins symbol and trendy sketch notes detailing the imagined personality traits of the star sign such as curious and artistic.

The colours are neutral beige with bold overlaying accents of beautiful brown and red, this scarf also features our beautiful and unique Gemini stamp.

Digitally printed on a woven cashmere and modal base and hand fringed.

Made in Italy.

Main Composition: 90% Modal 10% Cashmere


Width: 124cm / 48in
Length: 195cm / 77in