Leo Zodiac Scarf

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A zodiac scarf is a fabulous accessory to any outfit. Feather light and luxurious to the touch they are a must have item in any wardrobe. They also make the perfect unisex gift for friends and loved ones. This Leo scarf is a beautiful piece with its tones of brown and gold; clean and glamorous.

This beautiful scarf has a wonderful painterly image of the Leo lion symbol and fun sketchy notes detailing the imagined personality traits of the star sign such dominant and open-hearted.

The colours are neutral beige with bold overlaying accents of dark blue, rown and gold, the scarf also features our unique Leo stamp.

Digitally printed on a woven cashmere and modal base and hand fringed.

Made in Italy.

Main Composition: 90% Modal 10% Cashmere.


Width: 124cm / 48in
Length: 195cm / 77in