29.05.2020 | Shimmering slip dresses....Saturday's musings...
29.05.2020 | Shimmering slip dresses....Saturday's musings...

I have always had a bit of an obsession with slip dresses…probably inspired by my grandmother’s cast-off slips that I found in our cavernous childhood dressing up box (basically the reciprocal of all cast offs from the entire family)…back then I would slice … dice …and tie dye …I particularly loved the ones cut on the bias as they “shrunk” into my then little body… what is it that when, as a child,  you put something on that is a grown up’s piece and it actually semi-fits that makes you feel like a grown up...and how fab does that feel?... I have flashbacks to those times when I first realised the power of how clothes can make you FEEL and these were clearly catalyst moments for the person I was to become…


Suffice to say, the obsession with said slip dresses continued …flipping through some archive press clippings this week I came across a couple of images that reminded me of precisely that …this one from the June 91 … a matt sequin slip dress…and then Thandie Newton photographed for Tatler in the mid 90’s wearing a sporty gold embellished jersey tank dress…elements of both of these appear in this summer’s embellished silhouettes…I often take inspiration from a combination of lingerie and sportswear particularly for our evening dresses…

I designed this summer’s bronze and black embellished sequin shift to have a 90’s effortless ease but not everyone can go as “unsupported” as maybe we did in the 90’s… so the front of the dress has delicate shoe string straps …but here’s the trick, we added a luxey satin back strap which integrates an innovative hidden bust support… ensuring that you are held in all of the right places without appearing to be…a heavenly combo in my book 

For as long as I can remember I have loved layering slip dresses…back in the early 90s my uniform was a cashmere T shirt under a linen slip dress… and I think that moment is here again …for me there is nothing chicer than a t-shirt worn under a slip dress … this would certainly take this summer’s embellished slip to a way more casual place …however, I cannot wait to have the celebratory opportunity to pop on our sequin T-shirt over the sequin slip dress… adding more of a sports luxe vibe and some indulgent layering (not to mention some subtle, yet cool, arm coverage) … in the meantime I am wearing the embellished T-shirt with jeans …why not? £ per wear and all that… plus, and more importantly, I love it…

I am reaching the point with my chocoholic repertoire where I need further inspiration…( I am a bit of a creature of habit) however, the response to my recipes has been so enormous I feel obliged to keep sharing… chatting to my mother on the phone last night she reminded me of a childhood favourite of mine…not very sophisticated but totally delicious and incredibly quick and easy to make… so here is Great Aunt Nancy’s Chocolate Biscuit Cake…I am looking forward to trying this again this weekend 


500 grms Digestive Biscuits (Rich Tea work well also)

225 grms Butter

5 tblsp of Golden Syrup

50 grms Cocoa powder

Assorted raisins and dried fruit to your taste… I love some chopped walnuts too

150 grms Cooking Chocolate – I like 70% but you can go sweeter if you prefer…



Put digestives in a plastic bag and crush with a rolling pin – I like to leave some chunks

Melt the butter, syrup and cocoa

Stir in the crushed biscuits and dried fruit and nuts

Press the mixture into a baking tray and leave to chill

Melt the chocolate in a bowl over hot water

Spread the molten chocolate over the biscuit cake

Chill and chop into 5cm squares


I don’t know about you but I have an almost childish level of excitement about seeing family and friends again…firing up the barbeque and chilling the rose already… thank heavens for this glorious weather allowing us to meet up outside making the whole distancing thing so much more do-able… in the meantime have a sunny, safe and healthy weekend


Sending love