25/04/2020 | Hugh's Chocolate Mousse
25/04/2020 | Hugh's Chocolate Mousse

What is better than homemade chocolate mousse for a treat this weekend? Now I am no great chef but Hugh has taught me this one (although I prefer it when he makes it)...


8 eggs (freshly laid if poss)

250 grms of dark cooking chocolate … I am particularly partial to the Valrhona 70%

Knob of salted butter

Double cream…if you are going to splurge then do it in style…



Separate the whites from the yolks making sure there is not a scrap of yolk with the whites (any sign of grease in your bowl, on your whisk or even a spec of yolk will stop your whites whisking into lovely stiff peaks)

Create a Bain Marie – place a clean, dry bowl over a pan of hot water (the bowl shouldn’t be touching the water), break the chocolate into small chunks and allow to melt with the butter very slowly… stir occasionally and don’t overheat red emoji

While the chocolate is melting whisk your egg whites into stiff peaks

Add the egg yolks to the molten chocolate, stir in gently until all the ingredients have blended

Now this is where the magic is done…carefully FOLD the molten chocolate into the egg whites (if you haven’t done this before I suggest you take 5 minutes and just Google the technique as this is make or break time)

Once completely blended, having been careful not to let all the “air” out of the egg whites, pour into your choice of dishes…I love using a selection of vintage cut glasses in a variety of sizes…Fill ¾ full to allow room for lashings of double cream when served.

Place carefully on a tray and in the fridge for a minimum of 4 hours

Enjoy every spoonful of indulgence…

A & H xx