Send us a story about your mum
Send us a story about your mum
Send us a story about your mum
Send us a story about your mum
Send us a story about your mum

Hello. Meet my mum. My best friend, my mentor, my soulmate. She’s got many superpowers.

Superpower to be always there for me and my brother and be always available for us, 

Superpower to have so much wisdom that her advise would always comfort, regardless of the matter of the issue,  

Superpower to be resilient to go through divorce and sister’s cancer and, at the same time, remain sensitive and exposed to the world around her,

Superpower to care for us so graciously and naturally, and accept our care with joy and gratefulness, 

Superpower to always stay positive, no matter what. And stay focused on the bright sides only, 

Superpower to never ever fight with my and my brother—can’t even recall the last time we‘ve had a quarrel, 

Superpower to make all my friends love her and want to hang out with her, and be an awesome mother-in-law to my husband,

Superpower to embrace her age, yet always feel young,

Superpower to catch up with me in the gym and with my brother and I wake surfing,

Superpower to wrap anything she touches with love. Unconditional, eternal love. 

August 5th, 2017—it was the day of my wedding. Mum didn’t feel very comfortable being surrounded by many people she didn’t know and wasn’t able to chat to due to not speaking much English; and a bit overwhelmed with the whole wedding, in all honesty. She’s stumbled a few times when giving her speech and I could tell her nerves were strained. But she’s found her way of telling me and my husband-to-be how much she loves us. Her real “speech” was not words—it was the music, accompanied by an immensely powerful love she’s expressed through that music. Mum has not played piano for 15 years. Her fingers were shaking as she sat by the piano and started playing the melody she’s composed for us. I could tell it was such a challenge and a stretch for her! The sound of the piano was distorted by the speaker, and mum’s stumbled a few times because she was overwhelmed. But that immensely powerful energy, that love—just flowed through her fingers, the piano keys and filled the whole room. It has created an incredibly intimate moment which immersed all guests into that love she was expressing. Everybody cried—from me and my husband to the photographers and wedding planners present in the room. It was incredibly powerful. That’s how my mum goes about manifesting her love. Pictures of that special moments enclosed. I am incredibly proud of her, love her with all my heart and want to be like my mum when I grow up :) 


Meet my mum. My best friend, my mentor, my soulmate. ❤️

Happy Mother’s Day!


Elena Marchuk