Send us a story about your mum : Rose Noble
Send us a story about your mum : Rose Noble

This image and story of the NHS nurse Rose Noble particularly struck me this weekend...sent in by her daughter Stella Noble as part of our Mother's Day competition...thank you, Stella, for sharing the story of your fabulous poignant right now when the importance of the NHS and the selflessness of all its staff has never been so critical to this country's wellbeing... (I also love the fact she was such an avid needleworker ...)

This is my Mother, her name was Rosina but she was known as Rose, she died back in 2003 suddenly, on Friday 13th in August. Rose was herself the Daughter of a Nurse and she went on to raise 3 girls who all became Nurses notching up well over 100 years of service collectively for the NHS .

My Mum was a practical sort of woman, l think she had to be because her own mother died when she was 14 years of age, so early on, she was producing meals for her Father and Brother. She was in the ATS during the war where she met my Dad. Mum was widowed at 56 years of age, she had looked after my Dad who had Cancer. She just `got on with life` and made the best of things, she was a strong woman, rarely letting things get her down, she wasn't` the sort of woman that ever felt sorry for herself and did not find it easy asking for help. My Lovely Mum was a no nonsense sort of woman, she had back bone. God help anyone who told her she could do something, that was a red rag to a bull!

Rose was a great needleworker, she made all our clothes when we were small, often cutting up or undoing my sisters clothes in order to make something for me her youngest. She made all our Wedding Dresses. even making me a little jacket which she quilted that matched my dress, l still have that and sometimes wear it sitting up to read in bed.

My dear Mum taught me so much, about plants, flowers, gardening and the country, mostly l suppose she taught me how to be happy with little and to appreciate the simple things in life.She also taught me how to love unconditionally.

Stella Noble.S.R.N