#WakeleyWomen: Ella Woodward
#WakeleyWomen: Ella Woodward
#WakeleyWomen: Ella Woodward
#WakeleyWomen: Ella Woodward
#WakeleyWomen: Ella Woodward
#WakeleyWomen: Ella Woodward

Celebrated for her healthy and balanced lifestyle as well as her entrepreneurial spirit,  we are proud to have collaborated with lifestyle blogger, Ella Woodward a.k.a Deliciously Ella, for our SS16 campaign. 

After being diagnosed with Postural Tachycardia Syndrome in September 2011, Ella Woodward took up a whole food, plant-based diet, giving the love and attention that her body needed.

Using her blog, Deliciously Ella, she documented her journey, which has turned into an app, two books and a deli in Central London. Ella’s active and entrepreneurial lifestyle mirrors that of Amanda’s and embodies lifestyle luxury aesthetic...

Meet Ella...

What is most important to you when you create your recipes?

That it tastes delicious. Healthy eating is so often assumed to be bland and unsatisfying, and I’m on quite a mission to prove that isn’t the case! It’s just all about how you cook something, and I love finding new ways to bring our the flavours and textures of ingredients that I love. 

When did you decide you wanted to open the Mae deli and how did you find the process of launching your own business?

We decided on the idea in May and opened in December, as we felt there was space in the market for a place that focused on nourishing food in a really accessible way. It’s been absolutely mad and totally non-stop, I’ve never worked this hard in my life, it’s really a 24/7 business at the moment and Matthew (my fiance and business partner) and I do everything from cleaning the loos to mopping the kitchen floor, building financial models and working the tills – it’s mad but really fun, I’m absolutely loving it. 


What advice would give to someone who wanted to start their own business?

Be prepared for never ending to-do lists and quite a lot of stress! You feel a massive amount of pressure and responsibility, and things will inevitably go wrong everyday – I think it’s important to be prepared for that and not panic over every issue, although that’s easier said than done! 

What do you know now that you wish you knew 3 years ago?

To live in the moment. I’ve been really learning a lot about gratitude and mindfulness at the moment; it’s making a massive difference to my outlook. Instead of focusing on the negatives, issues and to do lists I’m learning to focus on what I’m doing at that moment and appreciate it for what is it, and it’s making me so much happier! 

What’s the best advice you have ever been given?

You get back what you put in. My mum always used to say it to me and I really dismissed it, but now I totally understand what she was saying. The more time, effort, love and energy you put into anything the more you get out of it, I really feel that’s true in all aspects of life from relationships to work and even healthy living. 

How does the way you dress impact how you feel?

I think it’s back to the same expression above, putting more effort into the way you dress and present yourself always makes you feel more confident. I find putting on something you feel great in and a little make up instantly boosts my self-confidence. 


Describe your personal style…

Quite laid back, my life is really busy and I’m often cooking or working in the deli, so I like practical clothes that look and feel great – amazing jeans or leggings, Amanda’s cosy cashmere jumpers and great black boots. 

What makes great British style?

Confidence in your own choices and wearing what feels right for you. 

Describe your typical “London Day”… 

It’s hard to describe a typical day as everyday is so different. Some days I’ll be doing a press event or a book signing, and then I like to put on a lovely blazer and silk shirt, but then the next day I might be working at the deli so I’ll be wearing a boyfriend jumper and jeans or my dungarees! 


Where are your favourite places in London?

I love the diversity of London so much; each area has a totally different character. Borough market is one of my favourite places; it has an amazing atmosphere and so much good food! I love the area around Westbourne Grove for slow weekends, just wondering around the shops and getting brunch, and then I love home, which is West London, – home is my absolute favourite place! 

What does luxury mean to you?

Feeling spoilt and beautiful