Cashmere care guide

We’ve complied a go-to Cashmere Care Guide with specialist tips on how to care for your Amanda Wakeley cashmere. From crew neck jumpers to our cult cashmere hoodies, here’s everything you need to know about how to protect, clean and store your cashmere.

Cashmere Storage

The first rule of cashmere care? Never hang your knitwear as it will de-shape the garment. Folding your jumpers is the best way to avoid cashmere stretching and losing its fit. It’s also important to ensure that sleeves and hems are laid flat.

If you’re putting your Amanda Wakeley cashmere into storage over the summer season, we advise placing it securely inside a zip lock storage bag in a cool, dark environment. Always store your garments with cedar wood balls or lavender sachets— a natural way to prevent clothes getting struck by moths or mildew. However, these will need refreshing every few months as their effectiveness can diminish over time.


Tool Up

From electric depillers to cedar wood balls, there are many care products to maintain the soft and sumptuous quality of your cashmere knits. We recommend adding a few of these tools to your arsenal so you can whip them out in a cashmere-related emergency.



The bobbles of wool that form on the surface of your cashmere are known as ‘pilling’. In the lifespan of your knitwear, they are not a death knell. Pilling is a natural characteristic of cashmere fibres and not a sign of poor quality or faulty design. It can easily be tackled with a cashmere comb, electric depiller or sweater stone.

Lay out your cashmere garment and hold it taut on a flat surface. Gently brush the surface of your cashmere with the depiller or cashmere comb. Finish with a lint roller to remove any remaining pills from your knit. However, don’t go wild with the depiller— undergoing this process too frequently may result in holes or snags.


Beware of the Moths

We appreciate moth holes can be unavoidable, but there are plenty of ways to moth-proof your beloved cashmere. Always keep checking your cashmere knitwear for signs of moth infestation— especially in the warmer moths when there’s increased chance of an onslaught.

If you suspect moths have been lurking in your wardrobe, we advise thoroughly cleaning the area. Next, place your cashmere into a sealed bag and put it in the freezer for 2 days— the sub-zero temperatures will kill the moth larvae. When you take out the bag, allow the pieces to return to room temperature before hand washing them.

Repair and Re-wear

Our cashmere is a forever piece that’s designed to become an heirloom. To highlight the importance of sustainability and re-wearing your wardrobe, we offer an in-store Cashmere Repair Shop. From moth holes to worn elbows, we’ll ensure your cashmere remains good-as-new.

Amanda Wakeley also had the idea to appliqué hand stitched moths over the holes in her cashmere. If you can’t beat moth holes, why not embrace them and make it something beautiful? With this free in store service, you can now transform moth-stricken cashmere into bespoke embellished pieces.