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The Story

Albemarle St

Amanda Wakeley Albemarle Street



Housed in a three-story Townhouse in the heart of Mayfair, our flagship store at 18 Albemarle Street is the home of the true Amanda Wakeley experience.

Nestled away on one of London’s most luxurious streets, the Grade II listed building maintains its original 18th century features with beautiful and luxurious touches that exude the Wakeley aesthetic.

Centrally situated between the heritage-luxury of Bond Street and the fashion-forward Dover Street, Albemarle Street has an almost residential feel that beautifully blends the old with the new…

The combination of art galleries, the famous Brown’s Hotel at number 33, and historic associations with literary figures such as Lord Byron (his publisher was once based there) and Oscar Wilde, a frequenter of the Albemarle Club, make Albemarle Street a compelling location, steeped in British history.

“I really feel Mayfair is the heart of the West End, I love Albemarle Street. I love the fact it’s almost like a Parisian street: the scale of the buildings is sensational, the height of the rooms and the proportions… it’s very special.”


With the number 18 holding particular significance to Amanda, Albemarle Street offer the perfect setting for displaying our latest collections as well as providing a welcome oasis for the busy Wakeley woman in the centre of the city.

Amanda Wakeley Albemarle Street


1920's Listed staircase in 18 Albemarle Street




"For me, the creation of 18 Albemarle street was very synonymous with the Wakeley brand at the time. I wanted to maintain the heritage and history of the space all the while developing something new and different."





Envisaged as a home-away-from-home, each one of 18 Albemarle Street’s distinct areas are lovingly named after traditional 18th century living spaces. Entering the ‘Salon’ you’re immediately struck by the sweeping wrought iron staircase that lays central to the store. Installed in the early 1920’s by a couturier, the staircase was originally installed to host fashion shows… a tradition that we still keep alive today, having presented collections at London Fashion Week at the store.

The Salon - Amanda Wakeley Albemarle Street
Amanda Wakeley Albemarle Street Fixture
The Drawing Room Amanda Wakeley Albemarle Street



Where once stood a twenty-tonne safe that housed fine diamonds and opulent jewellery now stands a luxurious changing area, beautifully finished with suede drapes and polished brass fixtures. Ascending the staircase, the second floor opens out onto the landing, leading into the top floor ‘drawing room’.

Created as a space that not only beautifully showcases the collection, the ‘drawing room’ was created to be the perfect event space having hosted yoga masterclasses, a blow-dry bar and book-reading events as part of our Wakeley Wellbeing series.

“ I want it to have an informal club like feel about it when people can come in and drop their shopping off and grab a cup of coffee and use the loo... as well as shop. One of the first things I said is it has to have a fireplace because to me that’s the heart of any home.”



WakeleyWellbeing at Albemarle Street




An extension of the Wakeley design principles, Albemarle Street has been created to maintain the same flexible, comfortable, effortless and considered approach that we take to our mainline collections.

From the hotel porter trolley inspired hanging rails to the Belgian linen napkins in the kitchen, every aspect of the store has been handpicked or designed by Amanda herself.

As with all things Wakeley, texture and tactility play an important part in the evoking the sense of luxury through the space.

Luxe velvet armchairs that you can sink into are made even more lavish with beautifully soft sheepskin throws that envelop and cocoon you. Suede framed mirrors and weighty calf-skin drapes add to the textural richness of the space.

Amanda’s love of the outdoors is expressed through the use of natural materials particularly through the use of the petrified wood sink in the bathroom to the gorgeous 4-granite fireplace that sits central to the ‘drawing room’.


A piece that is particularly special is the draped chain chandelier that hangs proudly in The Drawing Room. Amanda flew to Italy working directly with the craftsmen on the piece, in order to perfect the intricately places chains that beautifully drape this gorgeous fitting.

"My store is an absolute labour of love! I have always wanted to design the interior of my own store and create a homely, warm and inviting environment. I also wanted to fuse some of the inherent architectural features of this beautiful two-storey townhouse with a modern touch to create a mood that is both timeless and current. I love so many parts of the store from the bespoke draped chain chandelier to the petrified wooden sink – it’s hard to pick just one."


Amanda Wakeley Light fixture

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