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Feeling Fab-u-luxe

Feeling Fab-u-luxe

25th May 2016

I think it’s important that women need not feel judged by their clothes, particularly when it comes to sizing…

As with all things Wakeley the way your garments make you feel… or the way you want your garment to make you feel is equally (if not more important) than the way it you look, because as we know that feeling of inner confidence allows us to carry ourselves with just a little more poise.

With our cashmere, I felt it necessary to disregard standard sizing and instead opt for grading that allows you to choose how you want to wear your garment whether you like slimmer fitting styles or favour a more oversized cut…


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Petite Chic

For those of us who prefer a more fitted and figure grazing cut; Petite Chic is the smallest of our cashmeres… not just reserved for the mere waifs amongst us, choose this size in our Hepburn V-neck and Portman roll neck sweaters if you’re looking for a seamless, curve hugging fit.

Midi Minx

The in-betweener of our cashmere sizes, Midi-minxes usually prefer a more spacious fit to their cashmere. If you generally take a size 10-12 you will find that the midi-minx cut offers a more oversized fit than standard sizing. Choose Midi-minx in our Chung and Monroe cashmere sweaters for a looser and more casual approach to your wardrobe.


For those times when we want to feel enveloped in our clothing, opt for a fabuluxe for a luxuriously oversized fit. The largest of our cashmere sizes, Fabuluxe offers a roomier and generous fit. Choose Fabuluxe for the Hutton and Taylor styles for a draped, relaxed look.

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