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Kate Byrne

Epitomising strength, elegance, and beauty… Dancer, Kate Byrne personifies the Wakeley woman philosophy. Having studied at two of the world’s most prestigious ballet schools, Kate’s journey into dance began at the age of eleven when she was accepted at Birmingham Royal Ballet School. Having gone on to further her study at the Ecole Superieure de Danse under the tutorage of Monique Loudieres, Kate’s classic and contemporary style makes her the perfect woman to showcase our SS17 collections. 




" I use dance as an outlet... I find it both soothing and meditative, even when it’s exhausting. It’s an intricate and complex art that leaves no time to consider anything outside."
Kate Byrne


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"Mind and body are equally important for any sort of longevity in a physically demanding profession. Dancers often repeat the same steps hundreds of time, for weeks on end in a particular role. "









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