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The Wakeley Blend

A union of elegance and power

Collaborating with master tea blender Bernadette Tay, the Quinteasentially ‘Wakeley’ blend perfectly marries two of Amanda’s most favoured flavours. This bespoke tea effortlessly fuses her passion for the light, clean taste of organic green and white tea with the vivid intensity of ultra-dark chocolate. Decadently indulgent with a smooth, creamy finish, this blend satisfies the most intense chocolate cravings without any of the calories...

A union of elegance and power, the ‘Wakeley’ blend is a reflection of Amanda’s creative philosophy, helping to stimulate radiance both inside and out. Unifying the energising elements of green tea with the antioxidising power of white tea, this luxe blend promotes a glowing and healthy complexion as well as fuelling an overall sense of well-being.With light, spring notes of sweet hazelnut softened by aromatic white flowers, choose to enjoy this blend hot, cold or even infused in a Martini...


  • Green tea
  • White tea
  • Dark chocolate
  • Cacoa beans
  • White cornflowers


  • 125g of premium loose leaf tea (approximately brews 50 cups)
  • Travel tea filters

QR Code

The QR code at the back of the box triggers a tailored music track that:

  • Acts as a tea timer
  • Enhances the ambiance of drinking the tea





Teas such as green and white teas are very sensitive to high temperatures. Pouring water above the recommended level can burn the leaves causing a bitter and unpleasant flavour.

A quick guideline...

  • 1-2 teaspoons per cup
  • Water temperature at 90 degress
  • Infuse for two minutes


  • Green tea is energising
  • White tea is antioxidising
  • Dark chocolate provides indulgence without the calories

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