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Wakeley Brides: Marissa Wears The Cleopatra Gown

Wakeley Brides: Marissa Wears The Cleopatra Gown

17th July 2016

Steeped in history and tradition, we are in love with Wakeley bride Marissa’s Greek wedding. Tying the knot in the same location as her grandparents, jewellery designer Marissa and her fiancé flew their nearest and dearest to the Greek island of Kastellorizo for their destination wedding.

The couple took advantage of the spectacular Mediterranean backdrop for their first official photos as husband and wife with one of the locations being the original spot Chris proposed.

Looking every inch the Greek Goddess in the Cleopatra gown, Marissa designed and created her coordinating headdress and hand jewellery with her label Fiel Sol.

Enjoy Marissa and Chris’s wedding gallery

With thanks to Marissa and Chris

Photos courtesy of Valerie MacDougal (who kindly added that the “bride is just a beautiful inside as she is on the outside”) xxx

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Detail of the Cleopatra Gown

Marissa gets ready for her wedding wearing the Cleopatra gown

Marissa and her father are lead through the town by a local musician



The couple enjoyed a traditional Greek orthodox ceremony complete with binding ceremony





After the ceremony Marissa and Chris enjoyed a boat tour of island as the sun began to set



The back detail of the Cleopatra gown



The Anatolian architecture paired with the beautiful rugged coastline provided the perfect backdrop for the wedding photos



Marissa and Chris's reception

Marissa and Chris's wedding cake

Marissa and Chris's wedding fireworks

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